To rent a container, you only need to contact us 24 hours in advance.

Our containers are available in 10m3-12m3-16m3-20m3. We also have city containers that are easier to place on the street side.

Wood / Stone rubble / Cardboard / Paper / Plaster / Ytong / Green waste / Soil / Soil with stones Glass / Ferrous metals / Non Ferrous metals / Green waste / Pruning wood / Tree stumps and roots / Mixed waste (the above mixed together)

You can go to Vanpachtenbeke for the purchase of high-quality topsoil, compost, bark, stabilized concrete and stone rubble.

Vanpachtenbeke is located in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe.

Unfortunately, we regularly have situations where Vanpachtenbeke cannot place the containers because the desired delivery location is not available. If you have not taken the proposed measures to guarantee that we can place the container, we are entitled to request compensation for the relocation made.

If you wish to order building materials from Vanpachtenbeke, you can contact our order service via our e-mail address, telephone number or WhatsApp.