As a private individual or self-employed person, you are more than welcome at Vanpachtebeke in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe for the processing of all your construction and demolition materials. 

For four generations we have provided a smooth and flexible service within the recycling sector. 

Together with our motivated team of more than 20 employees and 250 containers, we ensure many satisfied customers every day who enjoy our tailor-made solutions. 


Vanpachtebeke's mission is to recycle in a responsible manner. Together we are building a better society in which various materials are recycled correctly. 

Our job is to facilitate this intensive process for you by taking care of the sorting. Drive in, deposit and we'll do the rest. It can be that much easier.   


  • Recycling
  • Waste processing
  • Container park
  • Container rental
  • Raw materials
  • granules